anemia treatment – anemia causes and home remedies

anemia treatment - Anemia is a condition that causes red blood cells to form. This prevents oxygen from reaching different parts of the body. This affects the functioning of various organs and increases the risk of disease.

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anemia treatment – anemia causes and home remedies

anemia treatment – Anemia is a condition that causes the formation of red blood cells to decrease. This prevents oxygen from reaching different parts of the body. This affects the functioning of various organs and increases the risk of disease.

Possibleharmsof anemia –anemia treatment

anemia in pregnancy

Premature birth in pregnant women are anemic (premature delivery) may be. Also, the baby may experience weight loss. Anemia in children affects their development and mental abilities. As a result, they are weak in their studies. Anemia is congenital anemia in some people called thalassemia.

anemia treatment

causes of anemia in elderly females

anemia treatmentAccording to one study, about 1.5 billion people worldwide are currently anemic. While 54% of the adult population of Pakistan suffers from anemia. It is more common in women than in men. anemia is a treatable disease. It can be overcome by changing your lifestyle and diet. The amount of blood may vary from person to person depending on the physique. The amount of blood in a healthy body is five to six liters that are about 7.7% of the total weight.

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anemia symptoms

The symptoms of anemia can be mild at first. But over time, that is likely to change. If you experience these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

1 – Get tired quickly

2 – Frustration

3 – Shortness of breath

4 – Whitening nails

5 – The fullness of the nails.

6 – Yellowing of the skin

7 – Weakness in the body.

8 – Laziness

9 – Dizziness

10 – Darkness before the eyes.

11 – Panic

12 – Swelling of the feet, etc.

anemia treatment

anemia treatmentCauses of anemia

Various causes of anemia and some possible solutions.

Lack of breast milk is a major cause of anemia in children. If there is no legal or medical impediment, the baby should be exclusively breastfed.

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anemia treatment

anemia diet

Iodine Deficiency: Eggs, fish, dairy items (milk, yogurt, etc.) can be used to make up for this deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D keeps bones strong. Lack of it leads to fullness in the bones. Even a minor injury can damage the bones. Vitamin deficiency can be supplementedby natural sunshine as well as eggs, fish, and milk.
Iron deficiency: There are two types of iron.
Haem is obtained from meat. AndNon-Haem which is obtained from vegetables. The human body needs both of these types of iron. It is useful to use green leafy vegetables.

Calcium deficiency: Milk, yogurt, eggs, and green leafy vegetables should be used.
Vitamin A Deficiency: Vitamin A strengthens the eyes. Its deficiency leads to various eye diseases. It can be obtained from fish, sugar, and green vegetables.
Magnesium deficiency: Cereals, almonds, and vegetables are useful to make up for this deficiency.
Other causesof anemia include hereditary complications, including smoking. Alsoincluded various diseases such as ulcers andthe use ofcertain medications.

Home Remedies for Anemia

anemia treatment

Here are some things to help you get rid of anemia:
Black grapes, beets, carrots, apples, apricots, pomegranates, tomatoes, berries, peaches, cherries, spinach, red meat (Red Meat ) and fish, etc.

anemia treatment foods

Three home remedies for anemia

anemia treatment


The presence of vitamin B, iron, phosphorus, and calcium in fenugreek helps in relieving physical weakness and anemia. Fenugreek can be used as a cooked lentil or as a porridge. You can also add Fenugreek powder in sauces or buttermilk.


Black raisins: 10 grams
dried apricots: 1 piece
fresh mint: 10 leaves
little cardamom: 1 piece
Soak apricots and raisins in a glass of water overnight. Take out the apricot kernels in the morning. Grind black currant, mint leaves, cardamom, and apricot in the same water. If you want, add honey or brown sugar to make it taste good.
For adults, take half a glass in the morning and half a glass in the evening. Give small amounts to children three or four times a day. Continue using until healing.In sha Allah, it will cure anemia as well as the functions of the liver too.

anemia treatment


Rhubarb Sugar: 12 grams

Rhubarb Khatai: 12 grams
Iron Steel: 6 grams
WhiteCumin: 12 grams
Thoroughly clean and grind all medicines. In the morning and evening after eating, eat half a spoon with pomegranate juice. You can also take it with water. Give children half the dose or less depending on age. keep taking the remedy until the anemia is cured. God willing, new blood will be created in the body.

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Anemia – Symptoms and causes

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