Basic guide on How to write your first blog post?

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Basic guide on How to write your first blog post?

If you want to become a blogger and don’t know where to start, Here is a Basic guide on How to write your first blog post? These are 10 tips to write a first blog post and if you learn these tips you will be able to write your first successful blog post.

1 Decide what to do

If you have never written a blog post earlier, the first challenge is to decide, what you will write about? Pick something you have passed it about and already love reading, talking and listening about. If you have passed it about something, you will love writing about it as well.

2 Have subjective knowledgeBasic guide on How to write your first blog post?

Before you start any particular topic you need to have subjective knowledge about that topic. If you already know about that topic, that’s perfect. If not, go and read other blogs, magazine articles, books anything from you can get inform some form. Do your research and once you have collected the information, start writing.

3 Write headlines first

Nine out of ten people read the headlines and only three out of them will read the content. So always start with easy headlines that attract readers’ attention. If your headlines is not attractive, no one will read your article . Also writing the headlines of the blog post first next you not go away from the topic. if you follow the Basic guide on How to write your first blog post? then you are going to achieve a wonderful skill.

4 Start writingBasic guide on How to write your first blog post?

Most people spend hours, days, or weeks writing their first article. Why? it`s because writing for the first time can be fearful and lots of negative thoughts come to mind. But you don`t need to think over thing . Since negating yourself out of any fear and start writing.

Basic guide on How to write your first blog post?

5 Make article skim-able

Proceed with proper content that readers will love . A good piece of content is between 500 words to 1000 words. Anything less than 500 words is bad for as you precept and more than 1000 words is annoying to read as. So break them into small paragraph and make the content skim able so that the readers don`t find it boring.

6 Be yourself

When you are starting to write your first blog post, it`s easy to get attracted to other successful writers and cop their writing styles. But don`t try to copy anyone’s style . Write in your own style. Be yourself, because your writing style is your brand.

7 `I` and `You` ruleBasic guide on How to write your first blog post

While writing content always think as `If`, `you are talking directly to your readers and the reader is sitting before you . This makes your article attractive and you talking at your reader use `I` and `you` throughout your article.

8 Use attractive images

Basic guide on How to write your first blog post?

Use images in your blog post because images do the talking and sometimes they do express in a much better way than what you thousands of words can`t do. So use images in your blog post to make it more beautiful and presentable as well. The Basic guide on How to write your first blog post is going to be a great part of the information for you.

9 Format for readability

If you ever visit those boring websites of the nineteen era, you must notice how tough they are to read those articles. As they write it format the article for better readability. Don`t be one of those writers ,use proper writing. Format and consider using bullet point to make it simple and understandable, bold the letters to emphasize Headlines category such as h1,h2,h3, etc, whenever required . The format is casual as it makes a good expression and provide a better reading experience.

10 End with call to action

What the reader should do after reading your blog post? Don`t keep them hanging in the middle .Let them know, what to do next? always end up with call to action .A call to action can be anything depending upon you. But not more than one .End up your blog post by motivating the readers to do something like asking their views about the topic, asking up questions, or simply a request to see your blog post.

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