high demand blog topics- how to find trending ideas

high demand blog topics- Before finding your blog topics, you have to define your niche. you need to know what is your niche

high demand blog topics- how to find trending ideas

high demand blog topics- Before finding your blog topics, you have to define your niche. While defining your niche, you need to get answers to these questions:-

What is my target audience?

In which category, I want to write? Do I want to write on fitness or animals or proteins ar any other kind of topic?

decide your nicheYou have to decide your niche. You need to know that in which category, you are best. Once you get informed by your niche, then you can find your topic or idea.

Basically, there are two types of contents.

Trending content And

Long-lasting content.

At the starting level, you have to write trending content. You can find trending contents in different types of ways

For this purpose, you have a lot of ways to find a topic. Here, We have Shown seven different methods to find an idea. By following all these ways, you’re gonna find top blog topics.

high demand blog topics

1- Google trends

Go to google trends. Type your keyword in the entry sheet and choose your audience. Click search. Google trends will suggest you trending topics within your audience. Select an idea from those suggestions.

When you get informed about ten trending blogs in your niche. Then you will be able to decide in which direction, you want to go to. Like, Do I want to write about protein or exercise?high demand blog topics

For example, You have typed your keyword about nutrition and you have selected the Pakistani audience. Google trends are gonna show you the trending topics on nutrition within Pakistan. You can select an idea from those.

high demand blog topics

2- Buzzsumo

There is also another way to find blog topics. Go to the Buzzsumo website. Search your keyword on this website. Its gonna show you that which are trending blogs in your niche. Basically, it’ll show you the backlinking of social media. It’ll show you that:-

high demand blog topics
From where and how much is shared?

In this way, you will be able to know which blog is shareable. For example, Someone wrote about 10 tips to look charming. Then you can write 50 tips to look charming. If your content is written in a good manner and is better, then google will be like:

” Ow! It contains 50 tips than other websites and is very good at the comparison.”

Google will rank your website.

3- Google keyword planner tool

high demand blog topics

Go to the Google keyword planner tool and search for any of your keywords. It’ll show you how many searches are there about your keyword in a month.

For example, you have searched about protein. It’ll show you how many times people have searched about this keyword in a month. In short, its gonna show you the best blog topics

high demand blog topics

4- Google suggestions

high demand blog topicsType your keyword within the entry sheet on google. com. Google is gonna show you suggestions. You can choose an idea for your topic from these suggestions.

This is really just a very simple way to find the most popular blog topics.

5- Ubersuggest

high demand blog topics

There is an alternative to google suggestions. Go to ubersuggest site. Type your keyword in the entry sheet. Its gonna show you the same google suggestions in an organized form.

You can search for technology blog topics, trending blog topics, blog topics for students. In short, you’re gonna find the list of most popular blog topics.

high demand blog topics

6- Reddit

find ideas on reddit

To find an idea on Reddit, go to Reddit. On Reddit, we are gonna see which blogs have written on your keyword. You can adopt them, modify them, and write a blog post.

For example, there are digital marketing blog topics. You can pick them, modify them in your own words. Then write a new blog.

high demand blog topics

7- Quora

search ideas on quora

On quora, we can see which questions are asked by people about your keyword. You can choose a question from any of them and write a blog about it.

For example, there is a question that what are your favorite dishes by using chocolate? You can write a blog on five recipes by using chocolate.

During link building, you can also write an answer to that question.

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