How to become a Blogger and earn Money?

How to become a Blogger and earn Money? this qquestion is widely asked by a lot of new writers and web developers. Here is the answer.

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How to Become a Blogger and earn Money?

How to become a Blogger and earn Money? If you want to become a blogger and make money by using your writing skills. I am Explaining to you how to do that. By following my instructions you can easily start a successful blog.

Blogging is an art of writing reports on different topics of interest which people want to study. Millions of people search online daily to find information about different things. Providing their desired info in a processed and professional way is called blogging.

How to become a Blogger and earn Money?

Types of Bloggers

If you are curious about “How to become a blogger” here are some things you must know. There are many fields in which people need help from experts for their guidelines. If you have an interest in a specific field or have the technical knowledge required in order to guide someone or provide some useful info that is your piece of cake.

  • Fashion blogsHow to become a Blogger

Fashion blogs are the most popular form of young people. These are based on new trends about dressings and outlooks. Young people of age group between 15-25 mainly look for fashion blogs to follow trends and keep themselves up to date. Meet up with the trends which society is following. this is the answer to How to Become a Blogger and earn Money?

If you are a fashion Geek and have a closer eye on changing trends in the fashion industry you are welcome to start a fashion blog and become successful by earning a handsome amount.

  • Food BogsHow to become a Blogger

Living for taste is a beautiful objective for many people. And they appear to be very serious about it. They keep looking for different recipes and tastes and search for them online. If you are also from the same generation and feel that you are an expert in it. you can help others by starting a food blog. You can post old or new recipes and also your experience of tasting these recipes.

  • Travel BlogsHow to become a Blogger

If you are a frequent traveler or like traveling and exploring new sites and beauty of nature than here is a way to make this passion your profession. You can share your unique findings of beautiful locations and how to access them. You can share information about the culture

and the environment of those sites and also your personal experience and learnings.

How to become a Blogger

  • Music Blogs

Listening to music is a very favorite hobby for many music lovers and they keep looking for fresh tracks on a daily basis to spend some quality time. If you have some good sense of music and you can suggest some nice collection and new upcoming singers with a good voice then you should be get paid for this service by writing a blog about it.

  • Fitness BlogsHow to become a Blogger

A healthy life is a dream for everyone and there are a lot of people who struggle for it too. Remaining healthy needs continuous care and if a difficult to manage the thing. For this everyone needs the guideline and support of technical and skilled people experts in this field. If you hold some certification and can guide and help others to manage their healthy life you should start doing this by starting a fitness blog and sharing fitness tips.

  • Sports BlogsHow to become a Blogger

Sports is a very healthy activity and a very passionate hobby for its lovers too. Athletes and sports lovers spend a lot of time playing as well as watching their favorite sports either live or on tv. How to Become a Blogger and earn Money? Every sport has different events and their results with continuous updates are the main focus of sports lovers. If they are not watching the sports live they need to receive the updates on that match just to satisfy their curiosity. If you are also a sports lover and can satisfy the needs of these sorts lovers you should start a sports blog.

  • Political blogsHow to become a Blogger

This is also a very favorite field of many people having an interest or updated knowledge about what’s happening in the field of politics. There are daily a lot of meetings and decision makings in the political process which can directly affect a lot of people so they keep an eye on every news. Every man is concerned about the political future of the country and they want to be informed about every important improvement. You can help them get their desired info by stating a political blog and giving updates to them.

  • Parenting blogsHow to become a Blogger

Parenting is also a very important job as it is very important to take care of infants and kids properly in order to keep them healthy. New parents face many difficulties in many fields while making some important decisions, especially which are based on the health or learning of the kids. F you are a good parent and you have helped your children in raising safe and healthy then you can probably help these new parents too.start a parenting blog and make money by helping others in raising their kids.

  • Business blogsBusiness blogs

Doing business is a passion of many people and a lot of them are doing it very successfully. But it is a very risky and energy-consuming task for everyone. In order to minimize risk and finding better solutions, people keep looking for some expert information that can help them in taking better decisions. How to become a Blogger and earn Money? If you are running a successful business.

If you think you can guide others in doing the same then you should start writing a business blog. Doing this is very easy and you are going to enjoy helping others grow their businesses.

  • Movies BlogsMovies Blogs

Yes if you are very fond of watching movies this is a very common way of entertainment but if you are seriously a more worm and know a lot of info about them then you should start sharing your knowledge with other movie lovers through a blog as it can help

them find a good movie and it can help you earn good money at the end of this.

  • News BlogsNews Blogs

Keeping an eye open is very important for every person to keep them up to date. But it is very difficult to follow the traditional mediums of getting news as that is a very time-consuming activity. News blogs can help you provide with different important news as well as your focused or of interest news segments by providing notifications. So if you keep a good eye on your surroundings and have a lot of updates and enjoy doing that you should start a news blog and earn handsome money out of it.

  • Gaming BlogsGaming Blogs

Online gaming is very famous among youngsters as different interactive games have taken over the internet and everyone is polishing their skills to compete with their friends or other players. It requires a lot of skills as well as deep knowledge to master that game. If you also like gaming and consider that you can train or guide other beginners to master the game you can start a gaming blog and provide technical knowledge as well as info about different events.

  • Personal BlogsPersonal Blogs

Personal blogs are general blogs where you can start sharing your life events with your experiences and learnings. How to become a Blogger and earn Money? If you have some good knowledge to pass on to others or you can lead them and guide them on how to manage your life in a better way then you can start a personal blog in which you can share anything you want. And if you can generate some traffic on your website you can do achieve your goals of online earnings.

How to Become a Blogger and earn Money?

How to start a new Blog

Now when you have read about different types of blogs and have made your mind that in which field you want to show your expertise now is the next step.

Step – 1 Select a beautiful Theme of a Blogging web site and purchase it online or you can get it developed through free themes available if you know how to edit a theme on WordPress. For doing this there are a lot of videos online which can help you step by step on editing a theme. You can buy a theme online in about 45 dollars.

“My recommendation is to buy a simple theme and start writing. You can improve your theme once your blog is making good earnings.”

Step – 2 Select a good Domain name and buy a domain online. You can buy a domain in about 10 dollars if you select a normal domain with two or three words of low traffic.

Step – 3 Now you need to purchase hosting service for your website. Hosting is providing a space on the internet for your website. This service is given normally on a yearly bases. You can buy this service from a trusted web hosting provider in about 20 dollars.

“Now when your Domain is purchased theme is placed on you purchased hosting now you are ready to start writing. All you have to do now is promoting your blog on different social media sites and doing proper SEO of your website. “

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