how to increase blog traffic – tips and tricks

how to increase blog traffic - You have a blog and you have written a ton of content in it. But no one is reading it.

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how to increase blog traffic – tips and tricks

how to increase blog traffic – You have a blog and you have written a ton of content in it. But no one is reading it.

What should you do? Build more links? Write more content?
NO, You shouldn’t any of that.

how to increase blog traffic

how to increase traffic to my blog is a common question. you can get it without writing more content or building more links by following three simple ways. These three steps are a great way to increase traffic to your site or blog.


If you want to increase blog traffic, The first thing that you need to do is to adjust your title tags. We all know that when you log on to Google Search Council. It will show you pages with most men impression and recent men on clicks. Look for the post that has less than 5 percent click. Once you put out which post has less than 5 percent, look for all the keywords.

google search console

You click on that link. It will show you the google search council, what keyword increase traffic to blog. Look for the keyword that you link in a decent position for and add those keywords in the title tag and meta-description.
Do you know what simple thing is gonna happen?
More people are gonna clicking, clicking, and clicking on your link. So, having keywords in the title tag and meta description is a simple way to slowly get more clicks. That little thing will increase your ranking. If you do that for all your posts, it will quickly get you more search traffic from your all blog posts.

how to increase blog traffic


Another thing you should do is continuously sharing your all blog posts over and over. Once you write a blog post, why can’t you take all the articles and share them on Facebook and Twitter, etc.
how to increase blog trafficYou months from now you share it then people are like ” oh! this is new, it’s fresh”.
Just because you write articles doesn’t mean that everyone in the search community is seeing and reading it. If you have a hundred thousand followers and you share on Facebook, twitter. Only five or ten percent of your clients are gonna see it. That’s why you keep sharing your articles over and over especially if they are amazing.

how to increase blog traffic

It doesn’t mean you share each article 10 times a day. In a year you can share the same article 12 times. It is one more simple and easy way to get more and more traffic.
When you get more social signals and more people are seeing to increase blog traffic
What’s gonna happen? Google is like “Oh! Wow, People keep coming back to this blogger. They like it. Maybe they should link a hair”.
You get all visitors. Some people may be like ” Oh! this article is amazing. Let me a link to it “. This will help you to get more traffic to your blog.


It is also another easier way to get more traffic to your blog post. It’s content we are purposing. You have to write more blog post but you are gonna have to take that content and creating a video on the same type of material and release it on Facebook and Youtube.
get more traffic to your blog postYou can end up including parts of episodes on that same kind of content and release it to Itunes. By doing these little things, you are purposing your content. It goes out extra mows and you are getting more views. These are the best tricks to increase blog traffic.

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