how to increase traffic to blog -8 tips for your blog

Every blogger want tricks to increase blog traffic. If you want to know that how to increase blog traffic for free, then you should follow these steps

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how to increase traffic to blog -8 tips for your blog

how to increase traffic to blog – tips for your blog- Every blogger want tricks to increase blog traffic. If you want to know how to increase blog traffic for free, then you should follow these steps that are discussed here. You can use these tricks to increase blog traffic.

These are the simplest and easy ways to increase blog traffic.

how to get traffic to a new blog

Create an audience profile.

Do keyword research.

Create useful content.

Add videos to your articles.

Apply SEO basics to your website.

Get backlinks.

Online networking.

Start an email list.

how to increase traffic to blog

1- Create an audience profile.

If you want to increase traffic to blog. The first thing, we are gonna talk about is about creating an audience profile. While creating a profile, you are gonna through these statements.

Create an audience profile.

Who is your target audience?
What are their pain points?
What kind of content, they are looking for?
How can you help?

This is just really getting a good idea of who you want to serve and generating blog traffic. What is the target audience you wanna serve?

This helps you tiding up your riding and basically, you get it down to almost your envisioning in one person that you’re riding too. Each time you go there to set up a blog and you’re getting it down to your just talking one person when you go to ride. They want to consider your audience and their pain points in the industry you are talking about. And, what kind of content your audience is looking for? And don’t worry, the keyword research will help you with this.

how to increase traffic to blog

how to increase traffic to blog

2- Do keyword research

how to increase traffic to blogOnce you have your audience profile, you wanna know exactly what are they searching for? How are they searching for? What are they looking for on the internet? Keyword research is crucial. This will help you set up all the topics that you want to cover on your blog. And one simple thing that you wanna do, when you are doing keyword research. Keyword research is going ahead and do:-

A brain dump all your topic ideas
A brain dumps all your topic ideas that you wanna cover on your site. And that’s ok, you don’t know all of them. You’ll get a really quar idea of what you wanna talk about and then use a tool to get more ideas.

Use a research tool

how to research a keyword

Use a tool that will help with the rest of the process. You can use keyword research tools like ahrefs or SEMrush. These are both really good tools.

They are both pay tools but you can get a trial offer. A great free tool is to answer the public. com.

You just go thoroughly answer the public and put in your keyword and search. It’ll over back several questions and other suggestions with your seed keyword in the results.

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how to increase traffic to blog

3- Create useful content

After you collected all the keyword topics that you wanna cover, now its time to create useful content.

Be thorough
Including useful content, you just wanna be thorough in your response and in your topics to them.

Readable content

Then you wanna make a readable content. You should add blog points, subheadings, images, and videos. For people, reading online is more difficult for them to follow. A blog text is much easier for them to read. If

you have a lot of white space there.

Create great headlines

how to create useful content

You must create great headlines. Creating headlines is important for two reasons.
Search Engine User Intent

The search engine needs to know that exactly what is your topic is about or what your order call is about. But also you have user looking and they have several to choose from. You need to make inviting them to click on your headline.

add headings in the articles

This is actually one of the more important things to do. Some people actually spend as much time creating headlines as I do create the content.

how to increase traffic to blog

4- add videos to your article

add videos in the articles

You wanna add videos to your blog post and this can be something as:-

A Slideshow

Videos in selfie mode

In the beginning, you don’t have to create your own video If you want. If you find a video

that is relevant to your topic, you can add a youtube video in your article, and that will help. But definitely, prepare on the list of something to do later on.

how to increase blog traffic

So that you are creating the content and then you have two locations that people will come to your website from. One will be from your youtube channel and the serial video on youtube. When they search and then the associate when they are searching for your topic in google search results.

how to increase traffic to blog

5- Apply SEO basics

Apply SEO basicsAfter you create the content, make sure that you are doing some SEO basics for your articles.

Keywords in title and body
All this means is to make sure that the keywords that people are searching for are in your article’s body and in your title or in your headline. Having keywords that are a relevant look that people are searching for. This one helps people to know that this is what you are writing for.

Image Alt Text
do image alt text in blogginghow to increase blog traffic wordpress
Also, make sure that you have the image alt text setup and this is the simple setting in word press where it will ask for the alt text.

It is great for SEO basics. This is a great way to increase website traffic fast.

Internal linking

Make sure that you are doing internal linking. If you have multiple posts up on a page and they are relevant, link to each other and that makes google know. And that just makes the whole site more readable.

how to increase blog traffic

And let people know that actuallywhat is your whole site is about. This is how you can increase trafficto your site or blog. Because you are doing internal links to other relevant pages.

how to increase traffic to blog

Use Yoast SEO plugin

Use Yoast SEO plugin

There are plugins that you can use and something like Yoast plugins. These can help you with going to the process making sure that all of your data think these are cross and the SEO basics pro.

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6- Get backlinks

how to increase traffic to blog

The next thing you wanna do is getting backlinks.

Guest Blogging
And it doesn’t have to be family. Instead, we are looking at doing relevant guest blogging on other relevant websites.

how to increase traffic to blog

Round-up posts
You can also look at doing round-up posts. This is just asking people and industry. Maybe a question and gathering up all of there answer and then creating a blog post about it. Let’s create about this is one who tells those experts that you broke this and share with them. They link your post. They may share on the website for on social media profile. And that’s the backlink for you.

how to increase traffic to blog

Interview other bloggers
Another great way to use is to interview other bloggers. Once they set an interview, then you send them the link and they likely share them on their pages as well.

Social media profile

how to increase traffic to blog

If you can’t do anything else right now, then set up a social media profile. These are simple extra links that are telling google that you are serious about doingness. Because you have all these profiles:-

Linked in twitter

Linked in Facebook

And all of these links are pointing facts to your website.

7- Online Networking

how to increase traffic to blog

The next thing you wanna start doing is an online networking and this just means joining Social Network, Joining groups for sack communities that may be linked in a group of first relevant.

Just become relevant and be helpful and answering questions for contributing to the conversation online.

Other Search Engines

You can also consider joining other search engines and interest the search engines like youtube that we talked about the videos.

“Youtube is the number 2 search engine after Google.”

There are also many other search engines that you wanna consider having videos for interstanza, if it is relevant to your industry.

how to increase traffic to blog

Q & A Websites

how to increase blog traffic

Be active in Q & A websites. Q & A websites like quora where people are asking questions in your industry.

And you can go in, answer the question and pass pay that has a link back to a more thorough auto caller, you broke on the question other asking.

how to increase traffic to blog

8- Email list

create an email list

Finally, you wanna make an email list. Create an email list and go ahead and find an email service provider.

Like consent contact or merchant. And get started creating your list.

Optin Formhow to do optin formOnce you do that, you can do a simple opt-in form at the end of everyone’s post.

Or put it in your sidebar. You can even do it exident ten pop up that you’re using something khabernaak.

Lead Magnet

Then also add a lead magnet. Don’t give up down

with the adding lead magnet immediately.

But have that in your mind that you want to do that later.

The first thing you wanna definitely do is set up the opt-in form. Before you start getting out on a social media profile and getting out there and entering the online community.

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