43 National symbols of pakistan

National symbols are very important for every country. Because they are the identity of any country. As Pakistanis we should know all these symbols. In addition, we must know the beauty of our country and the animals and plants in it.

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43 symbols of pakistan

National Mountain

k2 (Mount Godwin-Austen)

k2 national symbols of pakistan – k2 is also known as MountGodwin-Austen or Chhogori. This is the national mountain of Pakistan. It is the second-highest mountain in the world.

The mountain was discovered by Colonel TG in 1856. Montgomery of the Indian Survey, and it was given the K2 symbol because it was the second-highest peak in the Karakoram range. It is 8,611 meters (28,251 feet) above sea level. K2 is the highest point of the Karakoram Mountains. It is so deadly because of the combination of elements. It is 800 feet lower than Everest, but the topography is more rigorous.

National Tree

Cedrus Deodara


Cedrus deodara (Deodar Cedar, Himalayan Cedar, or Deodar is a species of cedar trees that live in the western Himalayas and in, northern Pakistan, eastern Afghanistan, Kashmir, north-central India, southwesternmost Tibet, and western Nepal. It is a large evergreen coniferous tree. It has drooping branchlets and a cone-shaped crown with level branches.

Cedrus Deodara is the national tree of pakistan


National Hero

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the national hero of pakistan.

k2 Quaid-e-Azam, Baba-e-Quam, Bani-e-Pakistan,

(25th December 1876 – 11th September 1948).

national symbols of pakistan

Mother of Pakistan

Fatima Jinnah Madar-I-Millat

k2 fatima jinnah was known as Madar-e-millet or mother of the nation. She was a strong critic of the British Raj and a leading member of the All-India Muslim League. Fatima Jinnah’s name is an important one among the leaders of the Pakistan Movement.

National Flag

The national flag of pakistan


The national anthem of pakistan

national anthem of pakistan


National Colour

Green and white are the national colour of pakistan.

National Poet

Allama Iqbal

k2 Allama Iqbal is a national poet of pakistan. He was a poet, politician, philosopher, as well as an academic, barrister, and scholar in British India. He is one of the most important figures in Urdu literature, with literary work in both the Urdu and Persian languages.

National Dress

Shalwar Kameez

k2 Pakistan information shalwar kameez is the national dress of pakistan and is worn by men and women in all Five provinces Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Baluchistan, And Gilgit Baltistan, and in Azad Kashmir.


National Fish


k2 It is also known as the national fish of pakistan. Pakistan is an excellent place to find Mahseer. Mahseer is also known as the Himalayan Mahasher or Golden Mahseer.


National Animal


k2 The markhor (Capra falconeri) is one of the most magnificent members and the largest of the goat family. Mar means Snake and Khor means eater Markhor was selected as the national animal of Pakistan because of its mountainous region’s endurance and its wide range throughout the country. Markhor is a big goat. It is found in forests in Central Asia, Karakoram, and the western Himalayas.

National Amphibian

Indus River Toad

Indus River ToadState Bird

Peregrine Falcon

k2 peregrine falcon or falcon. Shaheen Falcon (Falco peregrinus peregrinator) is also called the Indian peregrine falcon, It is also called as Siah Shaheen, Pakistani Shaheen, or simply Shaheen. We have 666 different species of birds, ranging from garden birds to waterfowl, reptiles, and migratory species that fly from Siberia to the Arabian Sea coast after the Indus.


National Reptile

mugger crocodile

k2 - 43 National symbols of pakistan

National aquatic animal

Indus River dolphins

National aquatic animal of pakistanIn the indus river dolphins are found in the Indus River of Pakistan and the Punjab of India. A new WWF survey states that there are 1,816 dolphins in the Indus River in Pakistan.


National Bird

chukar partridge

chukar partridgeChakor, Alectoris Chakor is the national bird pakistan. This choker is a sparrow or a simple choker. They are commonly known as chukar. The average size of the national bird of Pakistan is 32 to 35 cm. It is a tall, round bird. This bird was brought to North America as a game bird. From late summer to early spring, chokers travel in coveys.

National Flower


national flower of Pakistan

The national flower of pakistan is the jasmine. It is also called Jasminum. Its scientific name is Jasminum. More than 200 different varieties of jasmine grow worldwide.


National City


IslamabadIn the late 1950s, Pakistan’s military dictator Ayub Khan decided to move the capital from Karachi to Islamabad. Because Karachi had become the economic hub of the country.karachi’s infrastructure was proving to be inadequate for the growing needs of the city.

National Predator

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

snow leopard facts

The snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is the top predator of Asia’s great mountainous regions. The snow leopard habitat is found in the Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountains of Pakistan.

snow leopard endangered

Around 8,000 snow leopards are left in the wild worldwide. Only 400 of them are present in Pakistan. BWCDO is working in Gilgit Baltistan to protect and conserve the snow leopards.

national symbols of pakistan

National Fruit


national symbols of pakistanIt is not only the national fruit pakistan but, but it is also a part of Pakistani culture. There are 1595 varieties of mango. but only 25 to 30 are being grown on a commercial scale. The varieties of the king of the fruit in Pakistan are Chaunsa, Samar Bahisht, Fajri, Neelum, Surkha, Sindhri, Langra, Dasehri, Anwar Ratool, Saroli, Toota Pari, Alphanso, Almas, Sanwal, Sunera, and Desi.


National Currency

Pakistani Rupee

The abbreviation or currency symbol for the pakistani rupee is PKR. The pakistani rupee rate is made up of 100 paise and is represented by the symbol Rp. It is also known as rupees, rupaya, or rupaye.


Memorial Tower


Minar-e-PakistanMuslims of the subcontinent gathered here in Lahore Manto Park, During the freedom movement on 23 March 1940. They passed a resolution for Pakistan. minar e pakistan was built, to remember this great historical moment,. This shows the strength and unity of Pakistan.

National Vegetable

Lady Finger

national symbols of pakistanOkra or also known as lady-finger is the national vegetable of Pakistan.


National Language


Urduurdu language was chosen as a symbol of unity for the new state of Pakistan in 1947. Pakistan’s national language is Urdu. The country also has several regional languages, including Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto, Wakhi, Khowar, Dhatki, Haryanvi, Balti, Balochi, Gujari, Kashmiri, Hindko, Brahui, Shina, Marwari, Sindhi, and Burushaski.

Mine is Saraiki, what is yours?


National Juice

sugarcane juice

Sugarcane JuiceAccording to the poll, 7616 people cast their votes out of the

15 percent voted in favor of the orange juice. 4 percent of people chose the option of carrot juice, while 81 percent selected the option of sugarcane juice. As sugarcane juice has the majority of votes, it has been declared as the ‘national drink’ of Pakistan.


National Food

national symbols of pakistanPakistani beef dish or beef biryani is the Official “national food pakistan”.

national symbols of pakistan

National Sweet dish

gulab jamun

national symbols of pakistanthe government of Pakistan declared gulab jamun as their national sweet dishes pakistani.

National Sport


HockeyHockey ( national game pakistan)was originally introduced Pakistan during the British Raj. It became a popular sport with the local population. The Pakistan hockey federation was formed in 1948, after the independence of Pakistan in 1947.


National Mosque

faisal mosque

national symbols of pakistanFaisal Mosque is the largest mosque in Pakistan located in the national capital islamabad. It was completed in 1986. It is shaped like a desert Bedouin’s tent. which is a famous symbol of Islamabad all over the world. The Faisal Mosque is the work of a famous Turkish architect Vedat Daloke. He won Aga Khan architectural award for this project.


State Religion


islamIslam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion whose teaching is that there is only one God (Allah) and that Muhammad is the Holy Prophet of God. It is the second-largest religion in the world. 24.1% of the world’s population is called Muslim.

National Airline


national symbols of pakistanPakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) is the national flag carrier of Pakistan under the administrative control of the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for Aviation.


Republic day or national holiday

23 March Pakistan Resolution Day or Yaum-e-Pakistan, also Republic Day is a national holiday in Pakistan Resolution passed on March 23, 1940, and adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan on March 23, 1956, during the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

National Archives


national symbols of pakistan

National Document

Lahore Resolution

national symbols of pakistan

national symbols of pakistan

The Lahore resolution to establish a separate homeland for the Muslims of British India at the annual meeting of the All India Muslim League held in Lahore on March 22-24, 1940 is an important document in the history of Pakistan.

National Motto

Faith, Unity, and Discipline

National Library

National Library Of Pakistan

National Library Of PakistanIt was established at the Liaquat National Library in 1962 after the approval of the copyright and was later inherited by the libraries department in 1973. Its main purpose is to prepare Pakistan’s National Library (PNG).


National Monument

National Monument Islamabad

national symbols of pakistanPakistan Monument is a National Monument and Heritage Museum located In the Western Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan. The monument was built to symbolize the unity of the Pakistani People.

national symbols of pakistan

National Mausoleum


Mazar-e-QuaidPresident of Pakistan General Ayub Khan laid the foundation stone of the mausoleum on 31st July 1960. The work had started a bit earlier on 8th February 1960. it took nearly twelve years to lay the foundation stone of Quaid’s Mausoleum.

National River

Indus River

national symbols of pakistanThe Indus River is one of the mightiest rivers in Asia. The traditional name of the indus river valley is derived from the Tibetan and Sanskrit names Sindhu. The earliest history and hymn of the Aryan people of ancient India, the Rig Veda, mention this river which dates back to about 1500 BC, which is the source of the name of the country. Indus Basin and its drainage network.


 national symbols of pakistan

State Emblem

national symbols of pakistanThe state emblem was adopted in 1954 and symbolizes Pakistan’s ideological foundation, its economy, its cultural heritage, and its guiding principles. The four components of the sign are a crescent above the shield and a pinnacle of stars, surrounded by a sheet, below which is a booklet.


National identity

national symbols of pakistanNational Identity Card (NIC) is issued to citizens of Pakistan. The state is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and well-established business rules to guarantee its integrity and authenticity. The unique 13-digit identification number is recognized throughout the country.

National slogan

national symbols of pakistanThe slogan is the use of the standard Urdu and Persian suffix zindabad (long live) followed by the name of an individual or country. It is used as an expression of victory, patriotism, or prayer. Literally translated, Pakistan Zindabad means “Long Live Pakistan” It is also called the “Victory of Pakistan”


National Museum

k2TheNational Museum of Pakistan is located in Karachi, Sindh,Pakistan.


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State emblem of Pakistan


Samina Iqbal